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What is eFusion?
eFusion connects content sources to search appliances, bringing your enterprise's most useful information to the fingertips of the user community. eFusion connectors are designed to be fast, flexible, and easy to install, configure and use.

How much do your connectors cost?
We develop pricing based on your sales model. This allows you to sell connectors profitably in any size solution.

What connectors does eFusion currently provide?
Our list of connectors is constantly changing. Refer to the eFusion fact sheet for a current list.

Does eFusion return security on the documents retrieved by the connectors?
eFusion returns a list of users and a list of groups that have read-only or higher privileges for all documents retrieved by connectors. This allows us to accommodate appliances that use early or late binding.

Do the connectors push documents to our appliance or does our appliance have to pull?
Our connectors crawl documents and push them to the appliance.

Does eFusion do incremental document crawling?
Yes, after the initial crawl of all documents the connector can be configured for incremental crawls. All subsequent crawls are only looking for documents that have been changed or new documents.

Can we schedule the connectors to run only during certain days or times of the day?
Yes, each connector can be scheduled to run continuously or virtually any combination of dates and times.

Does the connector start crawling from the beginning if a server reboots?
No, each connector creates a bookmark during the crawl process that is updated by each document crawled. This bookmark is used as a starting point when the crawl begins.